Night Rain Amaco Phase Glaze

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    PG-24 Night Rain Amaco Phase Cone 5/6 Phase Glaze

    A deep indigo blue with lighter blue visual texture, PG-24 Night Rain is reminiscent of a night sky through a rain spattered window.

    Layers well over AMACO Celadons, Potter's Choice and Satin Matte glazes. For layering, please apply 3 coats over 3 coats. Glaze layering fired results may run if paired with a runny glaze. We recommend testing any layering combination prior to putting it on a full ceramic piece. 

    Shake well before use. For best results, do not thin the glaze and apply 3-4 brush coats to Cone 04 bisque. (Let the glaze dry between coats.)

    Glaze fire to Cone 5-6. Due to variations in raw materials used during manufacturing, we recommend firing glazed test tiles before using each new batch number of glaze.

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