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    GS237 SIERRA Granite Stone By Duncan 

    Granite isn’t just for countertops these days! Add it to your projects for a rockin’ effect with Duncan Granite Stone® - textured, nontoxic colors resembling mountain granite with realistic sparkling flecks. Duncan Granite Stone® colors are available in a rich, thick formula that brushes on easily and works well with all other acrylic products. These colors can be applied with a variety of techniques to ceramic bisque, fired glazed surfaces, wicker, wood, plaster, glass, papier-mâché silk flowers and leaves. Rock on!

    How to use Duncan Granite Stone®

    1. Stir contents of jar thoroughly. 2. Apply 1 generous coat with a soft brush; let dry, then apply second crisscross coat. 3. Clean up with water. 4. Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage.

    Tips & Techniques

    1. Granite Stone can be applied to ceramic bisque, fired glazed surfaces, wicker, wood, plastre, glass, papier-mache silk flowers and leaves. 2. For raised detailing, apply 3-4 coats. 3. For terracotta look, apply 2 solid coats of Canyon Rock Granite Stone; let dry; antique with White Water-Based Antiquing Gel.

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