Wedgit Table - 36 inch



    Wedgit! Table w/ Bottom Shelf - 36" Tall

    Key Benefits

    • Ideal Canvas Covered Wedging Surface
    • Adjustable and Replaceable Canvas Covers
    • Moisture Wicking Underlayment
    • Removable Cutting Wire W/ Adjustable Turnbuckle
    • 5+ Sq. Ft. Wedging Surface
    • 14 Gauge Steel, Power Coated Finish
    • 300lbs Storage Capacity on Bottom Shelf
    • Offered in 30" & 36" Tall Configurations

    North Star wedging tables provide an ample stable clay wedging surface. There are many ways to wedge your clay, the cut and slap technique, cone wedging, and also cylinder wedging which are all easily done with these tables.
    Professional potters have been wedging their clay for years to even out moisture content and to de-air clay, so their beautiful work doesn't crack or explode when fired.

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