Ceramic Bisque

Ceramic Bisque

Welcome to Creative Crafts..   Established in 1968.

We are your Ceramic Super-Store !  

We stock a wide variety of  "Ready to Paint" Ceramic Bisque that includes the complete line of Duncan's Cone 04 Ceramic Bisque and Mayco Colors innovative line of Ceramic Bisque as well as our own line of hand made Specialty Bisque.
We are a complete Ceramic Bisque and Color Distributor and we also stock the popular Bisque Tiles and Switch Plates along with Mayco's Ready to Paint Potter's Stoneware Bisque  

Our Bisque is also available by the case or as individual items.

We ship daily using Fed Ex and we also have very competitive Motor Freight rates which makes larger orders extremely economical.

All of our Ceramic Bisque is fired to a Cone 04 and is UN-decorated and ready to Paint.

  • Ceramic Techniques - Be sure to look for the painted samples.  Click on the colored image and a ceramic technique will be on the following details page along with a list of all products used in creating that project.

  • All of our ceramic bisque is unpainted. 

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01-100 Coupe Dinner Plate - in Ceramic Cone 0..
$37.80 $72.00
01-100 Coupe Dinner Plate -in Ceramic Cone 04..
$4.25 $7.50
01-102-FR Coupe Soup Bowl- in Ceramic Cone 04..
$37.80 $72.00
01-102-FR Coupe Soup Bowl - in Ceramic Cone 0..
$4.25 $8.00
01-202-FR Rim Soup Bowl -in Ceramic Cone 04 B..
$4.25 $8.00
01-310-fr Cottage Cup 20oz.-in Ceramic Cone 0..
$36.00 $60.00
01-310-fr Cottage Cup 20oz. - in Ceramic Cone..
$3.50 $6.00
01-312-p1 Kid Kottage Mug 12 oz. -in Ceramic ..
$3.50 $6.00
01-312-p1 Kid Kottage Mug 12 oz.- in Ceramic ..
$36.00 $60.00
01-313-pr1 Kid Kabin Mug 12oz.-in Ceramic Con..
$36.00 $60.00
01-313-pr1 Kid Kabin Mug 12oz. in Ceramic Con..
$3.50 $6.50
01-400-pr3 Oval Snack Plate-in Ceramic Cone 0..
$47.40 $96.00
01-400-pr3 Oval Snack Plate - in Ceramic Cone..
$5.25 $9.00
02-010-W3S Rim Oval Platter- in Ceramic Cone ..
$37.50 $75.00
02-010-W3S Rim Oval Platter -in Ceramic Cone ..
$8.50 $14.00
02-020-fr Round Rim Platter-in Ceramic Cone 0..
$30.90 $60.00
02-020-fr Round Rim Platter - in Ceramic Cone..
$6.25 $14.00
02-031GCT Almost Round Platter- in Ceramic Co..
$48.00 $84.00
02-031 GCT Almost Round Platter - in Ceramic ..
$9.25 $15.00
02-040-w2m Rimmed Oval Salad Bowl- in Ceramic..
$42.00 $84.00
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