Ceramic Bisque

Ceramic Bisque

Our "Ready to Paint" low-fire bisque is the perfect choice for personalizing your inside and outside living space, kids room, kitchen and your special event.

All of our Low-Fire Ceramic Bisque has been fired to a Cone 04 or 1945 Degrees Fahrenheit

All of our bisque is available by the case or as individual items.

We ship daily using Fed Ex and we also have very competitive Motor Freight rates which makes larger orders extremely economical when shipping to Studios and Organizations

All of our Ceramic Bisque is un-decorated and ready to Paint.
You can use your favorite low-fire glazes and Fire to a Cone 06 or use  non-fire Acrylic Stains and spray seal.

  • All of our ceramic bisque is unpainted even when we show you an "idea" or completed project picture of the item painted.

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01-100 Coupe Dinner Plate - in Ceramic Cone 0..
$32.40 $72.00
01-100 Coupe Dinner Plate -in Ceramic Cone 04..
$3.75 $7.50
02-041-PR Rimmed Oval Salad Bowl-in Ceramic C..
$30.60 $68.00
02-041-PR Rimmed Oval Salad Bowl - in Ceramic..
$9.00 $18.00
02-051-w1m Rectangular Rimmed Server- in Cera..
$21.60 $48.00
02-051-w1m Rectangular Rimmed Server -in Cera..
$7.50 $15.00
02-068att Rectangular Platter- in Ceramic Con..
$24.30 $54.00
02-068att Rectangular Platter -in Ceramic Con..
$5.50 $11.00
02-090-GCT Rectangular Wave Platter-in Cerami..
$31.05 $69.00
02-090-GCT Rectangular Wave Platter - in Cera..
$7.00 $14.00
02-100-wr1 Rim Salad Bowl- in Ceramic Cone 04..
$16.20 $36.00
02-100-wr1 Rim Salad Bowl - in Ceramic Cone 0..
$4.00 $8.00
02-104-cr Oval Dish -in Ceramic Cone 04 Bisqu..
$15.00 $30.00
02-110-GWB Rounded Square Platter- in Ceramic..
$27.00 $60.00
02-110-GWB Rounded Square Platter - in Cerami..
$6.00 $12.00
02-111-g2m Divided Rim Dish- in Ceramic Cone ..
$27.00 $60.00
02-111-g2m Divided Rim Dish - in Ceramic Cone..
$6.00 $12.00
02-201-gr2 Sq. Trivet / Cheese Plate- in Cera..
$16.20 $36.00
02-201-gr2 Sq. Trivet / Cheese Plate -in Cera..
$3.00 $6.00
02-204-att Chicken Trivet-in Ceramic Cone 04 ..
$13.50 $30.00
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