Anitque Pewter - 4oz.

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    • Brand: Duncan Colors
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    Duncan Specialty Glaze

    SY 1024 Anitque Pewter Specialty Product by Duncan   

    Metallic Glaze Brochure

    Polish up your pieces with Duncan® Metallic Glazes! This must-have collection of specialty glazes is perfect for adding the subtle strength and beauty of the metallic sheen to your work.

    Use Metallic Glazes for allover solid color or accenting.

    How to use Duncan® Metallic Glazes

    1. Apply 3-4 flowing coats.

    2. Apply to shelf cone 04 bisque.

    3. Fire to shelf cone 04. SY1024 Antique Pewter fires to shelf cone 06.

    4. Do not fire with green-ware or other glazes.

    5. Clean up with water.

    6. Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage.

    Tips & Techniques

    Use these polished metal finishes for solid color or for accenting. Metallic Glazes are applied to cone 04 bisque, then fired to cone 04 (SY1024 Antique Pewter fires to shelf cone 06). These Specialty Glazes are not formulated to be fired with green-ware, as the green-ware fumes will damage the glaze and ruin the finish. There's a strong chance that if you try to fire it with other glazes, it can cause the glaze to turn black. If you apply cone 06 glazes to the piece, you'll then need to fire the piece to cone 04 (but don't use any copper-based formulas such as green). If you accidentally re-fire the Specialty Glaze piece to cone 06 (other than SY1024 Antique Pewter which does fire to cone 06), the glaze will go back into suspension and will come out a splotchy black. These glazes create such beautiful and unique finishes; these steps are so worth the final effect for your project.

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