Specialty Ceramic Bisque

3 Section Divided Platter

SS3513 3 Section Divided Platter in read..


69 GTO

SP1401 69 GTO in ready to paint, Cone 04, Cer..


African Zebra

SJ1798Z African Zebra in ready to paint, Cone..



SS3382 Airplaine in ready to paint, Cone 04, ..



Ceramic BisqueSCB2021 Angel - Cone 04 Sp..


Angel on Lion

DH1836 Angel on Lion in ready to paint, ..


Angel Plaque

SHC4900 Angel Plaque in ready to paint, Cone ..


Angel w/Children

SDH1837 Angel w/Children in ready to paint, C..


Arabian King with Box

SK1699 - Arabian King with Box in ready to pa..


Ariel Mermaid

SK3968 Ariel Mermaid in ready to paint, Cone ..


Ariel Mermaid w/name cut out and light kit

Custom order yours today... SK3968 Ariel M..


Baseball w/cap Bank

SS3782 Baseball w/cap Bank in ready to paint,..


Beaux Gecko

Ceramic BisqueSCB9190 Beaux Gecko - Cone 04 S..


Bling Bling Dog

SJ2626 Bling Bling Dog in ready to paint, Con..


Bling Bling Kitty

SJ2625 Bling Bling Kitty in ready to paint, C..


Box w/Cat

SCD0589 Box w/Cat - Cone 04 Specialty Ce..


Box w/Dog

SCD0588 Box w/Dog - Cone 04 Specialty Ce..


Bug Box

SDM2194 Bug Box in ready to paint, Cone 04, C..



SCB2000 Butterfly  - Cone 04 Specialty C..



SCB2019 Cat - Cone 04 Specialty Ceramic Bisqu..


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