Blue Midnight PC-12 over Chun Plum PC-55 Pottery Cone 5 Glaze Combination

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    • Brand: Amaco
    • Product Code: SWC-PC12-PC55 Combo - 16oz
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    PC-12 Blue Midnight over PC-55 Chun Plum (brush on) Pottery Glaze, cone 5 Combination By Amaco

    Technique was achieved by brushing on two (2) layers of base glaze (PC55 Chun Plum). Then apply two (2) layers of top glaze (PC12 Blue Midnight), letting glazes dry between coats.  Glazes will appear differently based on application and clay body.
    You are purchasing two 16 ounce bottles of Amaco, cone 5, Mid range brush-on glaze

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