KS1021H - 21-inch Half Shelf

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    KS1021H 21 x 3/4 Round Half Shelf  

    Kiln Shelves can be round, multi-sided, square or rectangle. Round and multi-sided shelves are usually available in what is called “half-shelves”. Half shelves are exactly what they sound like, they are half of a full shelf. People like them for several reasons.

    ·         Provide a path for convection in the center of the kiln.

    ·         Half the weight of a full shelf therefore easier on the back to load in the kiln.

    ·         More flexibility in loading your kiln.

    ·         Less likely to warp or crack than full shelves.


    ·         Full Shelves can be more suitable for larger pieces that take up more than half the diameter of the kiln because there is no gap.

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